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Area emergency response departments awarded grants….Pittsburgh couple nabbed for drug possession in McKean County….Otto Eldred student and Tioga County resident charged with terroristic threats…Troopers look for tractor trailer which could have caused a catastrophe in McKean County……

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Fire and emergency response organizations in Cameron, McKean and Potter counties have been awarded more than $420,000 in grants from the state, according to  Rep. Martin Causer.

Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) announced that fire and ambulance companies located in the 68th Legislative District will collectively receive more than $375,000 in state grants thanks to the state’s Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program.

The funding comes from an ongoing grant program created by the Legislature and administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC). All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not General Fund tax revenue.

Projects eligible for funding include construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, or reduction of existing debt. Grant recipients must submit their signed grant agreements to the OSFC by the end of May to ensure sufficient time to process payment.

Following is a list of local fire and ambulance companies and the amount of their grant awards:

Cameron County

  •              Cameron County Ambulance Service, Emporium – $9,192.44.
  •              Emporium Fire Department Inc., Emporium – $11,509.46.
  •              Mountaineer Search and Rescue, Emporium – $11,509.46.


McKean County

  •              Bradford City Fire Department, Bradford – $9,192.44 for EMS operations; $14,248.03 for fire company operations.
  •              Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bradford – $14,248.03.
  •              Clermont Volunteer Fire Department, Mount Jewett – $11,509.46.
  •              Corydon Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bradford – $11,920.24.
  •              Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department, Derrick City – $12,057.17.
  •              Eldred Township Volunteer Fire Department, Eldred – $11,646.38.
  •              Hilltop Volunteer Fire Department, Cyclone – $11,646.38.
  •              Kane Volunteer Fire Department, Kane – $11,646.38.
  •              Lafayette Township Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis Run – $11,646.38.
  •              Lewis Run Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis Run – $11,509.46.
  •              Mount Jewett Area Ambulance Association, Mount Jewett – $9,192.44.
  •              Mount Jewett Fire Department, Mount Jewett – $11,646.38.
  •              Norwich Township Volunteer Fire Department, Crosby – $11,509.46.
  •              Otto Township Volunteer Fire Department, Duke Center – $8,852.41 for EMS operations; $11,509.46 for fire company operations.
  •              Port Allegany Fire Department, Star Hose Company No. 1, Port Allegany – $13,837.24.
  •              Port Area Ambulance Service Inc., Port Allegany – $9,192.44.
  •              Rew Volunteer Fire Department, Rew – $11,783.31.
  •              Smethport Fire Department Inc., Smethport – $11,920.24.

Potter County

  •              Austin Volunteer Fire Department, Austin – $9,192.44 for EMS operations; $12,878.74 for fire department operations.
  •              Austin Volunteer Fire Department, Austin – $9,192.44 for EMS operations; $12,878.74 for fire department operations.
  •              Coudersport Volunteer Ambulance Association, Coudersport – $9,192.44.
  •              Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department, Coudersport – $13,563.39.
  •              Gale Hose Company No. 1 Inc., Galeton – $9,192.44.
  •              Genesee Volunteer Fire Department Inc., Genesee – $8,611.63 for EMS operations; $11,646.38 for fire company operations.
  •              Germania Fire Company, Galeton – $11,509.46.
  •              Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Company, Harrison Valley – $12,741.81.
  •              Kettle Creek Ambulance Association, Cross Fork – $3,996.41.
  •              Kettle Creek Hose Company No. 1, Cross Fork – $11,509.46.
  •              Roulette Chemical Engine No. 1 Inc., Roulette – $9,192.44 for EMS operations; $11,783.31 for fire company operations.
  •              Shinglehouse Volunteer Fire Department, Ulysses – $11,920.24.
  •              Tri-town Fire Company, Ulysses – $12,331.03.

The following Bradford County fire and EMS companies in the 68th District received grants:

  • Innes Hose Company: $12,057.17.
  • Oscoluwa Engine and Hose Company Inc.: $11,783.31.
  • Ridgebury Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $12,057.17.
  • South Creek Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $11,646.38.
  • Tri Township Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
  • Western Alliance Emergency Services: $9,192.44.

Grants were awarded to the following fire and EMS companies in the 68th District in Potter County:

  • Gale Hose Company No. 1 Inc.: $9,192.44.
  • Germania Fire Company: $11,509.46.

Grants were awarded to the following fire and EMS companies in Tioga County:

  • Big ElmVolunteer Fire Company No. 1 Inc.: $11,509.46.
  • Blossburg Fireman’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
  • Blossburg Volunteer Fire Department: $11,509.46.
  • Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Company: $11,920.24.
  • Clymer Township Volunteer Hose Company: $11,783.31.
  • Crary Hose Company: $12,194.10.
  • Elkland Borough Volunteer Fire Department: $11,920.24.
  • Knoxville-Deerfield Volunteer Fire Company: $12,194.10.
  • Lawrenceville Fire Department: $12,194.10.
  • Lawrenceville Fireman’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
  • Liberty Volunteer Fire Company: $12,057.17.
  • Mansfield Firemen’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
  • Mansfield Hose Company: $12,604.88.
  • Middlebury Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
  • Middlebury Township Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,920.24.
  • Millerton Volunteer Fire Department: $13,426.46.
  • Morris Firemen’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
  • Morris Township Fire Company: $11,509.46.
  • Nelson Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $11,646.38.
  • Osceola Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,783.31.
  • Sabinsville Firemens Ambulance Association: $4,661.77.
  • Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital ALS: $9,192.44.
  • Tioga Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,646.38.
  • Tioga Volunteer Firemen’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
  • Valley Community Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
  • Wellsboro Firemen’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44
  • Wellsboro Volunteer Fire Department: $12,604.88.

A Pittsburgh couple have been charged with drug possession after being stopped by state police Monday afternoon on Route 46 at the Bordell Road in Keating Township. State police at Lewis Run report when they stopped a 2009 Toyota Tundra they found 38 year old Edward Flynn and 33 year old Cathleen Flynn in possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. After charges were filed in district court, the suspects were released from custody.

An Otto Eldred student is being charged with terroristic  threats for an incident taking place at the school on December 01. Police claim they youth made threatening and violent statements and is now being charged in district court.

Mansfield based state police have arrested a 21 year old Blossburg man for making terroristic threats back on December 8 in that town. Authorities claim the suspect brandished a folding knife during a fight with a 20 year old man, also from Blossburg.

Troopers at Lewis Run  investigating a criminal mischief  on Park Place in Kane between 7:30 pm Friday and 10:30 am Sunday at the “Smurf Pits”  on Forestry Road 133  in the Allegheny National Forest. A 2012 Chevrolet Silverado owned by Hunter Umpleby of Kane was vandalized.

A Turtlepoint PA teen driver was slightly hurt in a one-vehicle accident Saturday morning in Liberty Township McKean County. According to state police , the 17 year old driver was going north on Route 155 when his Toyota Tacoma went off the road  and rotated about 180 degrees before hitting an embankment and rolling over onto the passenger side. The driver was not transported to a hospital but was cited for speeding. His passenger a 16 year old boy from Spartansburg, PA was not hurt.

DUI charges have  been filed against a 24 year old Wellsboro resident after his  east bound Dodge Ram pick up hit a Wellsboro  Electric pole and then a fence before coming to rest in a ditch. Police said when they investigated, they found 24 year old Daniel Saniga had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

An Elkland motorist was ahurt Saturday afternoon in a one-vehicle accident in Tioga Township. Authorities explained  Kimberlee Siciliano was taken to Soldiers and Sailor Hospital after her Pontiac Grand Prix slid off the road when she tried to make a left turn. The sedan struck a guardrail, then spun around and hit it a second time before stopping.

One driver was hurt in a collision Sunday afternoon in Lawrenceville. According to troopers in Mansfield the collision occurred when 21 year old Mikalla Nolasco of Millerton, after stopping at a red light, turned her Dodge Caravan left on the green light  from Main Street onto Cowanesque Street in front of a Hyundai Sonata driven by Rhonda Wheeler of Millerton. Wheeler was taken by ambulance to Guthrie Cornmg Hospital by ambulance. Nolasco was not hurt but was cited for making an improper left turn.

Minor injuries were reported for a Cochranville PA woman following a one vehicle accident Sunday evening in Liberty Township, Tioga County. State police at Mansfield say Anna Rasmussen was going north pm Tpiyr 15 when she steered to the left when she felt her Honda Civic slide to the right. The car went off the west side of the road, hit the snow-covered median and hit some guard wires. The vehicle spun around about 180 degrees counter clockwise, continued north and hit some more wires with the rear end.  Rasmussen declined treatment.

A physical harassment charge has been filed against a 23 year old Kane man in connection to an alleged assault Sunday morning. The suspect is accused of pushing and shoving a 44 year old Kane woman during an argument.

Troopers at Lewis Run are still looking for a tractor trailer which could have caused a catastrophe in a hit and run Friday January 10 a few minutes after 6:00 pm in Keating Township. The rig passed the turn to go west and the operator drove through the parking lot located at 45 Sate Route 446. The trailing unit struck utility wires going from the white garage located at the south end of the property and the office building located at the north end causing a big arc and. The unit ripped the utility wires out of the pole and to the ground. The impact caused a leak in a gas meter on the north side of the garage. The operator left the scene without notifying authorities or the property owner.

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