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Early Arrivals                                                                                                                               –Gerri Miller

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Coudersport pool nearly done….Lawmakers criticize Governor Wolf for vetoing voting machine legislation….Charges pending against man suspected of making terroristic threats…Louisiana driver picked up for suspected drug-related DUI….Vandalism to a mailbox in Otto Township probed..

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The new Coudersport Swimming pool is nearing completion soon. With the hot weather we’ve been experiencing, that’s welcome news for area children and adults. The water is in put there needs to be some final tweaking according to Borough Manager Bev Morris. It is the only public pool in the county, although there is one at the Port Allegany High School, just across the county line. That pool was recently renovated as well.   The original Coudersport pool  was built in the early 1950’s. The current half million dollar project has been financed by a variety of community fundraisers and grants. There were several college students lined up to be lifeguards and according to Morris, many were looking forward to receiving money they could use toward their education. With the delay in the schedule, it looked as though they would not be earning the money they had anticipated. However, Coudersport Borough Council agreed to have the students work on other projects around the town while they wait for the pool to open. You can hear our interview with Morris  about the progress and the students on this website by clicking on “Black Forest Trails.”

A growing number of state house members are  criticizing Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to borrow funds without legislative approval to assist county governments with the purchase of new voting systems.

The governor announced his plan on Tuesday, days after vetoing Senate Bill 48, a bipartisan proposal from the General Assembly that provided the same amount of county funding and made some election reforms, including the ending of straight-party ticket voting.

Some House members are saing “We believe the governor does not have the legal authority to bypass the General Assembly and unilaterally borrow $90 million to help counties pay for mandated voting system upgrades. By coming up with this questionable borrowing plan, he appears to be bowing to political pressure to preserve the straight-party voting option.

When he vetoed the proposal, the governor said eliminating straight-party voting would increase waiting times at the polls and discourage voter participationSenate Bill 48 was a bipartisan piece of legislation that would have provided the necessary county funding and made changes to improve our elections.

A charge of terroristic threats is pending against a suspect in a domestic violence assault early this morning on the East Valley Road in Keating Township, McKean County. State police did not release the suspect’s name by claim he hit a female victim several times while threatening her.

Police also did not release the name of a 23 year old Houma, LA man accused of DUI. Troopers report, while on routine patrol  on E. Main Street near the intersection of Woodside Drive in Keating Township, they observed a 2015 Ford Fiesta making numerous traffic violations and suspected the driver was under the influence of a controlled substance. After the stop, drugs and paraphernalia were allegedly found in the car. Additional charges are pending blood results.

Vandals damaged a mailbox at the home of a 48 year old Rixford woman Monday evening. The mailbox was located at 1501 Looker Mountain Trail.