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Elk Hunters were successful in this year’s hunt….Causer announces grant for ATV and snowmobile trails in Potter County…..Bradford woman suspected off  DUI with young child in her car….NY state man arrested for criminal mischief in McKean County….

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Ninety-eight hunters took part in Pennsylvania’s 2019 one-week general elk hunt, which closed Nov. 9. Most left elk country with a trophy.Eighty-nine elk were taken by hunters during the season. And for those licensed to hunt antlered elk, also known as bulls, the success rate was 100 percent, with 27 of 27 tags filled.The 2019 harvest included some large elk. Fourteen bulls were estimated to weigh 700 pounds or more. The heaviest bull, tipping the scales at 800 pounds, had a 10-by-9 rack and was taken in Gibson Township, Cameron County by Caleb Hostetter, of Boiling Springs, Pa.The second-largest bull in the harvest was a 788-pounder with an 8-by-7 rack taken in Covington Township, Clearfield County by Willis Humes, of Cheswick, Pa.Official measurements of bull racks taken in the hunt cannot be recorded until the antlers have air dried for at least 60 days after the animal was harvested.There also were some hefty antlerless elk taken in the harvest. Ten of the 62 cows taken by hunters during the one-week season weighed over 500 pounds.Elk were taken across 12 hunt zones in the general hunting season, which demonstrates just how substantial Pennsylvania’s elk range has become, Banfield noted.Successful hunters within 24 hours of harvest are required to bring their elk to a check station, where tissue samples are collected to test for chronic wasting disease, brucellosis, and tuberculosis. To date none of these diseases have been detected in Pennsylvania elk.To participate in the elk hunt, hunters must submit an application, then must be selected through a random drawing and purchase a license. The drawing annually attracts more than 40,000 applicants.

Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) has announced more than $300,000 in state grant funding for ATV and snowmobile trail development in the Susquehannock State Forest in Potter County.“I’m very pleased to see the Commonwealth investing in these trails, providing both local residents and visitors to the area with more opportunities to enjoy all our region has to offer,” Causer said.A grant of $262,629 will be used for the development of the Indian Run ATV Connector Trail in West Branch Township. Work will include rehabilitation of approximately 3.2 miles of trail from the Susquehannock ATV Trail to the intersection of West Branch Road and Notch Road; construction of two bridges; and ADA access, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements.A grant of $44,080 will be used for the development of the Losey Run Snowmobile Trail in Ulysses Township. Work will include construction of a bridge over Losey Run near Rock Run Road, as well as ADA access, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements.In addition to the local grants, $242,266 will be used by Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Forestry to groom approximately 2,500 miles of snowmobile trails within DCNR state forests.The funding was part of $11.2 million in grants awarded through the Community Conservation Partnership Program.

A Bradford woman is facing DUI and child endangerment charges after being stopped by state police early last Tuesday morning for an alleged traffic violation on East Main Street in the city. Troopers allege when they investigated, they found the 22 year old woman whose name was not released, was driving under the influence of marijuana with a 2 year old girl riding in the car.

The theft of a Smokey Bear from a “Wildfire Danger Today” sign on Route 120 in Shippen Township, Cameron County, about a mile east of the Elk and Cameron County line. Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 814.486.3321.

A Little Valley, NY man has been arrested by state police for criminal mischief in Keating Township, McKean County. Authorities claim, Anthony Bernardi, 21, entered a residence through a window to retrieve his belongings after being kicked out of the home.