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We have chosen to call our internet radio station Black Forest Broadcasting because the name reflects the geographic focus of the station and the area’s rich history and outdoors lifestyle.

Nights in the Black Forest hint of ancient times. Many areas are still unaffected by light pollution. Cherry Springs State Park located on top of a 2,300 foot mountain in the midst of the Black Forest has been hosting the Black Forest Star Party since 1999. The Department of Natural Conservation and Resources in 200, designated Cherry Springs State Park as Pennsylvania’s first Official Dark Skies Park, the only one East of the Mississippi.

The Black Forest of Pennsylvania stretches across the Northern Tier and was so named by early settlers because of the dense Hemlock forest, steep mountains and wilderness which reminded many of Germany’s Black Forest from where they had come. The forests spawned the lumber and tanning industries which were an integral part of the region’s economy. The inherent natural beauty is still evident today for outdoors enthusiasts who take to the Black Forest Trail, a 42 mile loop beginning in the Tiadaghton State Forest in Lycoming County and reaching into Ole Bull State Park and Kettle Creek State Park in Potter County. Visitors are treated to breathtaking views of mountains and valleys and glimpses of wildlife including deer, black bears, turkey and grouse.