Thursday February 15, 2018

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Peregrine falcons return to Harrisburg…..Charles Cole Hospital is temporarily restricting some visits because of widespread flu….Details revealed about last year’s drug death in Elk County….uninsured Ridgway home destroyed by fire….$15,000 worth of copper wire stolen from gas supplier in  McKean County …..Ulysses accused of imitation Goldilocks…..

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Just in time for Valentines Day, the Harrisburg falcons18th courtship season has just begun, with a couple of newcomers and the elder resident pair vying for affections and eyeing the nest site on the 15th-floor ledge at the Rachel Carson State Office Building. The nest is the most productive peregrine nest in Pennsylvania.

The return of healthy peregrine falcon populations after their dramatic decline in the mid-20th century is one of the great environmental comeback stories, and Pennsylvania plays an important role, said Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell.

By 1960, when DDT was in wide use, there were almost no peregrine nests in the eastern United States, said Secretary McDonnell. Biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson, a Pennsylvania native, detailed DDTs insidious effects on wildlife in her ground-breaking book, Silent Spring, and helped bring about a ban on this pesticide in the 1970s. Reintroduction work since then, including efforts by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Peregrine Fund, have returned the number of Pennsylvania peregrine nests to greater than pre-DDT levels of historic known nest sites.

For students, teachers, citizen scientists, and other Harrisburg falcon fans worldwide, the DEP Environmental Education and Information Center provides many learning resources, including a falcon educators workshop ( on March 29; lesson plans; a timeline of falcon history in Pennsylvania; a chart showing the stages of falcon life; Falcon Wire news updates; and the popular FalconCam, which livestreams the nesting site, with infrared night viewing and new microphones for improved audio. In 2017, over 55,000 viewers around the world watched the FalconCam over 300,000 times.

In addition, falcon updates will be shared in Teaching Green, the centers new quarterly e-newsletter, and a new online tool at Harrisburg falcons enables FalconCam viewers to log the varieties of prey they see the falcons bringing to the ledge, contributing citizen science to DEPs educational. A new DEP video recaps in a few minutes the entire 2017 season, from courtship to the growth of young falcons, preparing to fly.

The wide ledge at the Rachel Carson building is virtually a #peregrinepenthouse, ideal for courtship and nesting because it provides a high perch, shelter from severe weather, and space for young falcons to strengthen their wings. In addition, its urban location offers some protection from predators such as great horned owls and golden eagles.

The longtime resident female is nearly nine years old and originally from the Pennsylvania Turnpike bridge in Bucks County. The longtime resident male is 15 years old and originally from Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia. They’ve nested and raised young at the Rachel Carson building for the last five years.

But if anything can spark competition, its love and real estate, and two newcomers have appeared at the ledge in recent weeks: an 8-year-old male, banded in Clinton County, and almost 2-year-old female banded in Logan Township, NJ.

To impress their potential mate during courtship, male peregrines engage in spectacular displays of flight, and demonstrate their hunting skills by bringing gifts of food back to the female. They also bow to their mate, and the pair engage in vocalizations.

For the last 18 consecutive years, 64 young falcons have successfully hatched at the nest at the Rachel Carson building. Thirty-five have been female, 27 have been male, and the sex of two hatchlings (2008 and 2017) was undetermined. All were banded by biologists from the Pennsylvanian Game Commission.

Which pair will mate and claim the nesting site this year? The question is on the minds of the many fans who share their sightings of and speculations about the #Hbgfalcons on Twitter @Falconchatter.

Once the falcons work it out, their dedicated fans hope to be on to #eggwatch in Marc


Charles Cole Memorial Hospital has announced a temporary change in visitation. A recent Pennsylvania Department of Health Advisory has determined that this influenza (flu) season has seen the highest number of flu cases reported per week since the 2009 pandemic. As a result, Cole Memorial Hospital will be temporarily restricting visitations. The restrictions will protect patients, visitors and staff from unnecessary exposure to the highly contagious flu virus.

Effective immediately, Cole Memorial is requesting that visitors postpone any visits to a hospitalized patient if they are experiencing signs or symptoms such as:

  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.

In addition, visitors must be at least 18 years old during this temporary restriction (except siblings who are not exhibiting flu symptoms will be allowed to visit new babies in the Maternity Department).

As a reminder, Cole Memorial encourages these strategies to prevent spreading the flu:

  • Avoid close contact.
  • Stay at home when you are sick.
  • Clean your hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and practice other good health habits.
  • Get a flu shot—it’s not too late.

Cole Memorial employees are required to receive an annual flu vaccine to protect patients and staff. Anyone who has not received a flu vaccine can still benefit from its protection. Flu shots are still accessible. To locate a Cole Memorial Medical Group primary care provider, visit

Two Elk County  women are in jail awaiting further court action after allegedly supplying a relative with lethal doses of fentanyl last March . Details about the death of 24 year old Kaitlyn Buerk last March 29 were revealed during a news conferenced yesterday in the Elk County Courthouse Annex. Allison Louise Miller, 29, of Brynedale,the dead woman’s sister and 27 year old Theresa Lynn Sample of Johnsonburg, her cousin are accused of providing the victim with straight fentanyl  which Miller purchased, as heroin  in Pittsburgh on March 29., Fentanyl is often used to” lace” heroin and can be deadly to the touch—often putting rescue personnel in peril.  The suspects were arrested by warrant on Tuesday and committed to the Elk County prison in lieu of bail after being arraigned before r District Judge James Martin. Miller”s bail was set at $100,000 and Sample’s $75.000. Preliminary hearings for both women have been tentatively scheduled for February 89 before Judge Martin.

Trooper Bruce Morris of the Ridgeway barracks, Elk County DA Shawn McMahon and Capt. Bernard Petrosvsky provided details and answered  reporters ‘ questions.

The state police fire marshal has found that a fire which caused $100,000 in damage to a  two story Ridgway home Monday night was accidental. The occupants, Heidi Wildnauer, Barbra Russell  and a two month old boy got out of the house safely and there were no firefighter injuries. The loss was not covered by insurance.

State police at kane are looking for clues in a theft taking place last month on a private lot on the Clermont/ Wilcox Road in Wetmore Township. Thieves stole  approximately 60000 feet of red and black insulated copper wire owned by Dominion Energy  between January 19 and 31. The wire is valued at $15,400. Anyone with information is asked to call the Kane barracks at 814.778.5555.

Did she think she was Goldilocks?  Troopers in Mansfield have charged 26 year old Skyler Williams of Ulysses with criminal trespass. Authorities claim Williams used a back doo to enter the home of 77 year old Walter Bowers on KrusenStreet in Westfield at around 3:00 am last Wednesday in a drunken state. She removed her jacket, long sleeve T-shirt, cell phone an d boots and began cooking breakfast on the wrong burner, cooking a wooden cutting  board instead. She then crawled into bed with an elderly couple who called police. Williams the reportedly left the house without her belongings  but was later found and placed under arrest.



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Peregrine falcons return to Harrisburg…..Charles Cole Hospital is temporarily restricting some visits because of widespread flu..Details revealed about last year’s drug death in Elk County….Uninsured Ridgway home destroyed by fire…..$15,000 worth of copper wire stolen from gas supplier in  McKean County ….Ulysses accused of imitating Goldilocks….

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Wednesday February 14, 2018


Photo by Gerri Miller

Do you know where this is/was?

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Two St. Marys women held for drug death…Tractor trailer wrecks on icy Elk County road….DCNR workshop next week in Coudersport about 2018 grants….Tourism agency warns members of misrepresentation…Public invited to comment on statewide bicycling and walking plan….

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Elk County District Attorney and Ridgway based state police will have a news conference at 2:00 o’clock this afternoon in the Elk County Courthouse Annex regarding the arrest of two St. Marys women accused of delivering drugs which resulted in a death. Teresa Lynn Sample, 27, and 29 year old Allison Louise Miller were picked up on a warrant Tuesday and committed to the Elk County prison in lieu of bail after being arraigned before District Judge James Martin. Both women are accused of drug delivery resulting in death, Act 64 violations and criminal use of a communications facility. More details will be released at today’s news conference.

A Wisconsin tractor-trailer operator escaped injury early this morning when his West Star 5700XE wrecked on the Burning Well Road in Jones Township. According to Ridgway based state police, James Weber of Kieler, WI was going south when his rig went out of control after encountering ice at around 2:00 am. The semi slid across the road and became disabled when it collided with an embankment.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC) 2018 grant program for statewide, regional and local recreation and conservation are open until  April 11, 2018.

To assist potential applicants in the PA Wilds region, DCNR is offering a free, one-hour grants workshop in Coudersport on February 22, 2018, at the Gunzburger Building, 1 Main St., Coudersport, PA. 16915.

The workshop will provide technical assistance to potential applicants on DCNR grants available for recreation, conservation, riparian buffer, trail, and community based projects. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with staff and receive information on grant program selection criteria, eligible applicants and projects, and documents required for various types of applications.

Community leaders, municipal officials, consultants, board members, trail managers, land conservation professionals and park and recreation professionals are encouraged to attend. If you are interested in applying to this grant program, attending this grant workshop is strongly encouraged.

For information or to register for this workshop, contact Janine at the Potter County Education Council at 814-274-4877 or

Visit Potter Tioga PA is advising members that it has been brought to the group’s attention that its members are being approached regarding purchasing an ad in a new “Route 6 Travel Guide.” Thie publication is NOT being created in affiliation with the PA Route 6 Alliance, Visit Potter Tioga, or any other tourism-related organization.

Any correspondence sent by the PA Route 6 Alliance or Visit Potter Tioga will contain either the PA Route 6 Alliance or Visit Potter Tioga logos shown in a letter to members. Anyone with questions regarding this (or any other matters should call the organization’s office  us at (570) 724-0635.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, (PennDOT) has announced that it has begun the process of updating the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and is inviting the public to weigh in through an online survey.

The plan, last updated in 2007, will outline a vision and framework for improving conditions for walking and bicycling across Pennsylvania, especially for those Pennsylvanians who walk and bicycle out of necessity rather than for leisure and recreation.

Over the next 18 months, PennDOT will use the project website to provide information on the department’s progress. The community survey also will be accessible on the site and will play a critical role in understanding the current issues and challenges facing people who walk and bike across Pennsylvania.

Once completed, the Pennsylvania Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will be a resource for Municipal Planning Organizations (MPOs), Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs), and municipalities throughout Pennsylvania, providing guidance to local governments on best practices for developing and implementing regional and local bicycle and pedestrian plans.

The plan also will develop a set of goals, objectives and performance measures to guide PennDOT’s efforts to support a complete multimodal network.

More information on traffic safety, including walking and biking, is available at under “Travel In PA.”

Follow PennDOT on Twitter at and like the department on Facebook at and Instagram at



Tuesday February 13, 2018

Do you Know where this is/was?  —         Photo by Gerri Miller

Monday’s high, 36; Overnight low 3, no precipitation






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Coudersport woman cited for speeding after collision last week in Pike Township….St. Marys driver’s car collides with guard rail after swerving to avoid a deer….Wellsboro DUI defendant arrested for numerous traffic violations…Austin man cited for harassment after allegedly shoving victim….Ulysses woman thwarts cyber criminals…Area students participate in archery competition…

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A St. Marys couple escaped injury in a one-vehicle accident last Thursday morning in Gibson Township, Cameron County. State police at Emporium report Dustin Goss swerved his Chevrolet Impala while going east on Route 120 to avoid a deer. The car went off the snow-covered road, struck a guardrail and spun across both lanes before stopping on the east berm. Both Goss and his passenger, Kimberly Etinger were using seatbelts.

Troopers at Mansfield claim Jared Pierce of Harrisburg left on foot Sunday afternoon  after his Chevrolet Malibu got stuck in snow when the car impacted a speed limit sign on Route 49 in Deerfield Township. Police noted the car was involved in another crash prior to becoming stuck. Numerous traffic charges are pending against a Wellsboro driver after a one-vehicle crash on February 5 in Ward Township. Authorities claim Michael Gower was driving with a suspended license due to a DUI conviction when his Chevrolet Cavalier went off of the Gleason Road and received cosmetic damage. Gower allegedly left the scene but was later identified. Police say Gower’s car was not insured, registered or inspected and that he had put plates from another vehicle on that car.

State police at the Coudersport barracks arrested 56 year old John Ambrose of Austin for harassment after a dust-up Sunday afternoon on Barnett Lane in that town. Officers claim Ambrose shoved David Dehart and continuum to make other threats of assault toward the victim.

A Ulysses woman thwarted attempts by cyber criminals to steal money from her credit card account last week. According to state police, 65 year old Bessie  McPherson received a phone call last Wednesday, February 7 requesting credit card information.  After hanging up, McPherson realized the call was a scam and promptly cancelled the card before any purchases could be made.

The 2018 National Archery in the Schools Program State Tournament is set to be held Friday, March 9 in State College. It’s shaping up to be the biggest student archery tournament ever in Pennsylvania. And the Pennsylvania Game Commission is encouraging all schools participating in the program, commonly referred to as NASP, to attend a state qualifier competition.


Individuals and teams alike will need to shoot a qualifying score at one of the many state qualifying matches being held through February. The top-scoring teams and individuals then will earn an invite to the state championships.


The NASP state tournament has been growing since its inception in 2011, and the March 9 tournament to be held at the Penn State Multi-Sport Facility figures to field close to 1,000 participants. Students from more than 45 schools across Pennsylvania are expected to participate. The increase is representative of growth in the program statewide.


NASP, which started in Kentucky in 2002 and has since gained participants around the globe, came to Pennsylvania in 2005. The Game Commission began coordinating the program in 2010 and, to present, the program has expanded to 253 schools.


The tournament should be a sight to see. Ninety-five lanes, each with two archers, will be operating at once. About 9,000 arrows will fly each hour. And somewhere near 46,000 arrows will be fired on the day.


Scholarships and prizes will be handed out to the top-performing archers in the state to help pay for continued education.


Schools are reminded that they must shoot a qualifying score at a sanctioned state qualifier shoot. Students can find state qualifiers listed on the following NASP Tournament website, To use the Game Commission’s website to register, place your cursor over the “Education” tab, then click “National Archery in the Schools Program.” Registration is just a few more clicks away.


Sanuel L. Hickerson, Austin died January 31, 2018 at Geisinger Medical Centner, Danville, PA.Born December 18, 1942 in Patterson, NJ he was the son of Samuel and Eleanor Hickerson.Samuel is survived by his wife Bernadine of Austin; PA, sons, Samuel L. Hickerson, Jr. of FL., Theodore Hickerson, of Austin, PA; daughters, Dawn Pagget, of NJ, Cheryl Hernandez, of Easton, PA and Robin Grala,  of Easton, PA; brothers Gary, Chuck and Patrick Hickerson; and sisters Nancy Smyth and Sandy Hickerson.At the request of the family there will be no viewing or funeral services.Arrangements by Thomas E. Fickinger Funeral Home, 210 North East St., Coudersport, PA 16915.To share your fondest memories of Samuel, visit