Potter County Artisan Center “Stars”

Our Artisans all live in and around Potter County, or have a significant local connection.
Each one passes through a committee which determines the appropriateness and quality of the art.
We feature an artist each month as the Star of the Month – a nod to the magnificent Dark Skies of Potter County,
and the Stargazing Field at Cherry Springs State Park.

Artisan “Star” of the Month

Obleski Design
​James and Rebecca Obleski

Jim and Becky are some of the founding members of the Artisan Center. They are enthusiastic volunteers, and have invested hours and hours of labor into the building. Jim is the designer of our logo. His fine art and commercial art work can be seen all over the state, and beyond. Becky is a skillful textile artist, as well as being a talented designer of jewelry, glass art, and more. She changes out the decorations in the window and the rest of the gallery seasonally. The Artisan Center, as a group, would like to say “Thanks” to Jim and Becky to all you do to keep things looking great around here!!