November 15, 2017

I liked Civics in High School and have been a history buff all my life but I guess I never paid much attention to how we elect a governor and lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania. The process has come to light with the obvious animosity between Gov. Tom Wolf and Lt. Governor Michael J. Stack III. It is so bad, Gov. Wolf eliminated security for Stack because of Stack’s alleged mistreatment of staff. There is a movement in the legislature to change the way we elect the “ticket.” The proposal would allow a gubernatorial candidate to select his or her lieutenant governor the way presidential candidates choose their vice presidential running mates. I think the current method should be eliminated in favor of the proposal. It doesn’t seem fair for a governor to be saddled with someone he or she cannot get along with and who might even have opposite ideology. The lieutenant governor should be someone the governor feels could succeed him or her if necessary and carry out the agenda. The change would require a constitutional amendment—a lengthy process so it is important to get the proposal started quickly. What could Pennsylvania’s founders been thinking when they came up with such a wacky idea?—
Gerri Miller