Friday May 22, 2020

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, DCNR relaxes some restrictions at some state facilities….Number of cases holds steady in the region except for Cattaraugus County…..Potter County Planning Director Hunt gave an update yesterday on revitalizing efforts…Commissioners advise there is not much they can do about the virus because of governor’s veto…..check for $13,000+ to Elk County business, bounces….Mt. Jewett couple arrested for stealing camper

The  first holiday weekend of the summer season occurs this weekend Memorial Day and Pennsylvania is relaxing some restrictions at state facilities.

The Potter  County Commissioners addressed  the COVID-19 issue during their regular meeting yesterday. Planning and GIS director Will Hunt gave a report on Project 2025 and Revitalize Potter County. “They ultimately are going to merge together by the end of this and we have released our Revitalize Potter County website that is on our Community Development page is available there and it’s got a vast variety of resources for businesses and residents within the county to be utilized. We have access to local resources as well as our unemployment opportunities. So what the Career Link is offering and state and  federal organizations in there and what their statements are and where what opportunities are there. We continue to work with our Representatives as well as our local agencies to seek as much information and maybe opportunities for our residents and businesses as we continue to revitalize Potter County from coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once we have on the website, some phases, we’ve already completed phase one, and are moving through phase two now and identifying partners and trying to get everything organized and in a legible way for everyone to access. And once we reach phase four, which will be more or less a phase back into Project 2025, you’ll have the information that we’ve collected is really being driven out of the comprehensive plan and 2025 focused and goal. So it’s not necessarily a whole separate program. It’s just a sister program. While we go through this unusual time, so more to come. The website will be updated regularly as we get more information. I definitely want to commend all the businesses and encourage everyone to check out the web. Say our business mapping website now has over 70 county wide businesses that are represented on there and provide residents with information of curbside service contact going in advance and whatnot. So hopefully that continues to get utilized in those businesses are being a  good use of that.”

Commissioner, Paul Heimel  said that there is a misconceptions about what  that the commissioners can help to change things. “ I like to just address some misconceptions in the community which has led to a number of calls. Everyone’s very anxious and very concerned about our economy, so it’s completely understandable. However, it’s very important to note that although the state legislature passed a bill which would have given county commissioners authorization to lift restrictions or set county based restrictions based on our own judgment, standards, and our own review of the safety advice,  the  bill was vetoed by the governor. So I just wanted to point that out because it’ll save a lot of calls for people that are trying to influence county commissioners to exercise authority of which they haven’t done is want to say that in case anyone has heard the rumors or conjecture that county commissioners do something about code, red, yellow, green and their restrictions which apply we have absolutely no authority.  State Police at Lewis Run did not release the suspect’s name but say that they are charging a man  for physical harassment for an incident allegedly taking place Tuesday evening on Pit Hole Road in Keating Township in which a male subjected a female victim to unwanted physical contact.

Ridgeway Based State Police are investigating a theft by Bad Check occurring May 6 on St. Mary’s Street in  Fox township when someone wrote a worthless document on a closed account to Legend’s  Sport and Turf for the purchase of a Polaris UTV valued at $13,458. Police say the case remains open.

A theft by bad  checks is also under investigation by troopers at Lewis Run. someone wrote a worthless check to Myer’s Motorsports in Kane  earlier this month and the investigation continues.

A theft occurring on the Clermont Road and Route 6 in Hamlin township McKean County Monday afternoon has resulted in the arrest of two Mt. Jewett residents. A 40 year old man and a 39 year old woman are accused of stealing a Coleman pop up camper belonging to a 55 year old Marietta, Pennsylvania woman. The camper was located on a logging road off of Red Mill Road in Norwich Township. The  suspects were allegedly found in possession of the camper and drugs and paraphernalia. They’re now facing charges in District Court.

A criminal mischief occurring in Eldred Township is being probed by State Police at Lewis Run. sometime last weekend vandals  damaged the rear driver’s side door om a vehicle belonging to a 22 year old Coudersport woman while it was parked along the north edge of the roadway facing west along 446. Near Champlin Hill Road. Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Lewis Run State Police at 814-368-9230.

Another physical harassment is also under investigation by troopers at Lewis Run. Two  male suspects allegedly engaged in a verbal argument which escalated into a physical altercation on James Lane and Cindy Lane Monday eveningmm Both men are going to be answering charges in District Court

A 22 year old Eldred resident has been arrested for DUI Following a traffic stop on Mechanic Street at Main Street in Eldred Borough Sunday evening. He was driving a 2005, Susa light Su.

A 31 year old Bradford man is being charged with drug possession. Police say while on normal routine patrol on East Main Street in Foster Township near the intersection with Foster Brook Road, troopers observed a vehicle  allegedly committing traffic violations. Upon further investigation, the driver was found to be in possession of multiple controlled substances, was  suspected of driving under the influence and had an outstanding felony warrant. The drivet was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center for a legal  blood draw and then taken to the McKean  county jail. Charges are pending blood results. He was driving a 2000 Dodge Dakota.

A 42 year old Lewis Run man is being charged after being pulled over by troopers on West Washington Street near Maryland Avenue in the city of Bradford Wednesday afternoon for a try violation. Police claimed that the operator is a habitual offender of driving while operating privilege is suspended and he is also facing charges in district courts.