Wednesday May 29, 2019

Black Forest Express


Tuesday’s high, 76; Overnight low 60







Unemployment rates improve across region…accidental fire severely damages Fox Township rental home…Four people arrested for harassment for two separate incidents…Ridgway woman accused of failing to return borrowed vehicle on time….

The unemployment picture improved between March and April across the Black Forest Broadcasting service area according to the state Labor Department. Here in Potter County, unemployment went down from 5.0% to 4.7%; McKean saw a decrease from 4.4% to 4.0%; Cameron’s rate went down from 5.45 to 4.7%; Tioga realized a drop from 4.7% to 5.4% and Elk had a slight decrease from 3.7% to 3.6%. Chester County had the best figure in Pennsylvania at 2.6% which was a drop from 2.8%. Forest County remained at the bottom of the list with a rate of 5.5% but that was an improvement from 5.9%.  Pennsylvania’s jobless rate for the period was 3.8% while the national figure was the lowest in recent history at 3.6%.

It is that time of year again when Honey Bees start to swarm.This is a natural process that the bees go through every year, sometimes even several times a year.

Honey Bees are building up now after their winter losses. They are bringing in lots of nectar to make into the honey you eat.The honey Bees feel crowded and need to expand, so what do they do they swarm.
About 1/2 the Honey Bees leave their home with a queen to find a new home.Usually they go to a location in the open and send out scout bees to locate a new home. When the scout bees find a suitable location they all move on to that location.
It is usually in the temporary location, which can last from minutes to a few days, that most people see them and they are easiest for a beekeeper to retrieve them.
When you see a swarm, do not spray them, they are important to our food

If you have a SWARM:
Do NOT disturb it
Do NOT spray it with an insecticide
Do NOT hose it down with water
Do NOT hit it with a stick
Do NOT call an exterminator
A Honey bee swarm:
Is Gentle, not aggresive
Is resting and may move on by itself
Will NOT attack you if not provoked
Call a Beekeeper as soon as possible
Observe it from a safe distance
Take pictures, it is educational

Contact a beekeeper and give them as much information about the location of the bees that you can. Do not know a beekeeper? You can enter the information right on our club website and it will go out to all the beekeepers that rescue Honey Bees. GO to
Click on Honey Bee Swarm rescue and fill out the form and send.
No computer? No Problem. Call your local Penn State Extension or call Joan Bradley 814-697-7586
Remember, We need those honey bees to have the great food we eat and to give us HONEY.

Joan Bradley

Secretary/ Treasurer
North Central PA Beekeepers Assoc.
John Bradley – President
Tom Hoppe – Vice President

A fire which caused an estimated $85,000 in damage to a two-story wood frame house on Dagus Mines Road in Fox Township, Elk County just before noon Tuesday was accidental. State Police Fire Marshal Cpl Greg Agosti reports flames erupted in a wall cavity of an exterior wall at a house rented by Chrystal Ambusk and Kyle Bray and owned by Steven and Melissa Smithof St. Marys. There were no injuries.

Both people involved in a domestic violence incident in Jackson Township, Tioga County have been arrested for harassment. Mansfield-based state police explain 27 year old Bryan Talada of Troy and 52 year old Debra Brown of Jackson Township physically contacted each other during an argument at 35 Church Street early Sunday morning.

The names of two other suspects in a quarrel were not released by troopers in Mansfield. A 54 year old Wellsboro man is accused of pushing and shoving a 53 year old Wellsboro woman during an argument Saturday afternoon in Shippen Township. She is accused of throwing a cell phone at the man, hitting him in the head.

Ridgway based state police have arrested 35 year old Holly Hutchins of Weedville for unauthorized use of motor vehicle. Hutchins is accused of borrowing a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander owned by John Harvey of St. Marys on May 6 and failing to return it as agreed upon.