Tuesday July 23, 2019

                      Scenes from Eliot Ness Fest 2019

Madame Maisie(Ruth Sallade)  helps herself to candy thrown on the street by “hoods” trying to extort

money from a candy shop owner.

Eliot Ness (Jared Empson) testifies during Al Capone trial.

Al Capone (Dennis Bloss) vows to supporters he will fight the sentence handed down Judge James H. Wilkerson.


“Al Capone” being escorted by Untouchables from court house to paddy wagon after

being sentenced.

Even though she testified against Al Capone, Madame Maisie (Ruth Sallade) seems upset

seeing Capone escorted to the paddy wagon by some of the “Untouchables”.

Monday July 22, 2019

Bee Balm in Hebron Township, Potter County                                                                    Gerri Miller 

                                         Sunday’s high, 88;  Overnight low 66, .22” of rain weekend total






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New law protects good Samaritans who save children in hot cars….Three people arrested for  harboring a runaway child last December in Potter County……Coudersport man arrested for punching another last month…..Minor injuries reported for Bridgeville PA driver following McKean County accident..no one hurt in collision between car and tractor trailer…Serious injuries reported after  weekend collision in Tioga County …automotive parts stolen from property in Otto Township……

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A new law protecting Good Samaritans who rescue children locked inside hot cars is in effect in Pennsylvania. The law, which Gov. Tom Wolf signed in May, protects Good Samaritans from liability if they believe a child is in imminent danger and they’ve made a good faith effort to contact the vehicle owner and emergency responders. Last fall, Wolf signed a similar bill allowing police officers and first responders to enter a hot vehicle to save the life of a cat or dog. That law does not give citizens the authority to enter a vehicle by force. Conditions inside a hot, parked car form a type of greenhouse effect where the temperature can increase up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. In fact, the car could possibly reach 125 degrees very quickly. Leaving the windows slightly open doesn’t slow down the heat nor does it decrease the high temperatures. A child’s body overheats three to five times faster than an adult body. When left in a hot car, their body is not able to cool itself quickly enough, which can result in heatstroke. Different than a fever from an infection, when a child’s internal temperature quickly goes above 104 degrees for too long, major organs can begin to shut down and the child could suffer brain damage or die. According to the safety organization Kids and Cars, an average of 37 children die each year in hot cars. These include instances where a child has been forgotten in a car, accidentally locks themselves in a car or trunk, or, in a small number of cases, when a child has been intentionally left in a car.

Coudersport based state police did not indicate the connections, if there is one,  among the arrests of three people for concealment of the whereabouts of a child last December in the Genesee area. Robin Cary, 58 of Mills and 50 year old Jeffrey Hanes of Knoxville are accused of concealing the whereabouts of a  runaway child Decbmber 10 & 11 at 4821 Route 49 in Mills, the Cary residence  and Trina Nowakowski , 28 of Grover Hollow Road Genesee is accused of the same charge allegedly taking place in her home December 11 and 12. All three were released on $5000 straight bail after being arraigned on the charges.

A Coudersport man is accused of harassment with physical contact for a domestic violence assault allegedly taking place a little before noon June 16 on Dwight Street in the Borough. Troopers allegd 23 year old Jacob Francis hit a 51 year old man in the head and body with a closed fist during an argument.

Minor injuries were reported for a Bridgeville, PA driver after a one-vehicle accident Sunday afternoon on E. Main Street in Hamlin Township, McKean County . State police say Helen Harrell was going west on Rout 6 when her Chevrolet Equinox went off the road. Jot a ditch and then traveled about 150 feet in the ditch before stopping. Harrell was taken to UPMC Kane for treatment of minor injuries.

An elderly  Johnsonburg woman declined treatment of a slight injury Friday morning after her car collided head-on with commercial van  on Buena Vista Highway In Jones Township, Elk County. Friday. State police said 74 year old Alice Smiley who was trying to make a left turn to go south  at the intersection of Route 219 and Route 321 turned in front of a northbound Mercedes Benz operated by Robert Shields of Falls Creek, PA. She was cited for failing to obey stop and yield signs; Shields was cited for operating a uninspected vehicle.

Eight people were hurt in a collision Sunday afternoon on Route 15 in Lawrence Township, Tioga County. According to Mansfield based state police, the collision occurred when both Jessica Jacquier-Hann of Boath, NY and Nicole Hill of Waterloo, NY were traveling south on Route 15 while entering Pennsylvania. Hill slowed down her Nissan Murana to make the right hand exiiiit but misjudged the closure rate and the front of her car hit the rear of Jacquier-Hann’s Chevrolet Suburban. The impact caused Hill’s car to spin across both lanes and collide with some guard rails. She and five passengers were treated at Corning Hospital and Nicole Hill and one passenger were flown to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester.

A theft occurring between July 4 and 18 in Otto Township is being investigated by state police at Lewis Run. During that period of time, thieves stole three motor stators belonging to a 68 year old Eldred man. The equipment is valued at $300 each.

A possible defiant criminal trespass in the village of Roulette at around 9:00 am July 16 was investigated by troopers at the Coudersport barracks. An unknown person was reportedly observe on property located at 35 Hester Avenue.

Troopers at Lewis Run have charged 48 year old Diane Colella of Lewis Run with disorderly conduct. State police claim Colella allowed her chickens to roaming neighboring properties creating a disturbance.


Friday July 19, 2019

Black Forest Express

Early Arrivals                                                                                                                             –Gerri Miller


Thursday’s high, 88; Overnight low 67







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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about President Trump’s desire to have citizenship question in 2020 census but a Republican state senator says she’s concerned about rural Pennsylvania….Work is already underway in Potter County to make sure every last citizen is counted…Buffalo woman arrested for punching another female inmate at the McKean County Jail….Mansfield woman accused of assaulting relative …suspected drug dealer arrested in Elk County…..Tractor stolen last night in Otto Township, McKean County…..

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming 2020 census in which President Trump wants a citizenship question added. A Republican state senator is expressing concerns the count in rural Pennsylvania will be inaccurate.Preliminary field work for the 2020 U.S. census in Potter County is well underway and temporary jobs are being filled. county officials recently met with a regional census official to work on strategies geared toward assuring that every Potter County citizen is counted. Census numbers have a direct impact on grants, as well as dozens of programs, public works projects and government representation. Data are used to distribute support for education, transportation, health and human services, housing, criminal justice, employment services, farming and environmental protection. According to the Census Bureau, for each uncounted citizen, a county would lose an estimated $20,000 in federal benefits during the decade.

Potter County got a jump-start on the 2020 census according to an article in POTTER COUNTY TODAY… The Planning Department has been working with township and borough officials to support an accurate result. Planning staff has also drawn in the county Emergency Management and Assessment offices to identify new homes and verify mailing addresses. Census questionnaires have been reduced from 10 pages to 10 questions. Forms will be mailed to area residents in early 2020. They can respond online or by phone. Census-takers’ non-response follow-ups will begin in May.. There will be part-time job opportunities to conduct field work and door-to-door assessments. Anyone interested in potential employment as a manager, crew leader, clerk, census representative or field agent can find information as well as apply for positions online at census.gov. More information is also by calling toll-free 1-855-562-2020.

A 27 year old Buffalo, NY woman has been arrested for Simple assault and harassment  following a fight at the McKean County Jail Wednesday night. Briana Rollins, 27, is accused of punching another inmate, a 29 year old Ridgway woman at least 25 times in the head and kicking her twice causing a bruise and face swelling.

State police at Mansfield have arrested 23 year old Raylynne Wheaton of Mansfield for assault with physical contact in connection to an incident last night at 15324 Route 6 in Richmond Township. Wheaton is accused of assaulting 42 year old Herman Wheaton of Tioga, PA during an argument. Police did not say how the two are related.

An Elk County couple has been arrested for drug possession following a traffic stop last night on Main Street in Fox Township. Troopers allege when they pulled over a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado driving by 39 year old Tamara Thompson they found methamphetamine and various illegal drugs packaged for distribution and the driver, 45 William Thompson  suspected of DUI. Tamara Thompson was committed the to the |Elk County jail on$10,000 cash bail. DUI charges are pending lab results.

A theft at a residence in Otto Township between Tuesday and last night at evening is under investigation by state police at Lewis Run Thieves made off with a red and white Ford N8 tractor and miscellaneous items from a home on the Barnum Road.

Vandalism at a residence on Maiden Lane in Duncan Township is being probed by state police at Mansfield. Sometime last  weekend, culprits set fire to two parked vehicles and stole three trail cameras belonging to the victim.  Anyone with information is asked to call 570.662.2151

A 45 year old Elkland man has been arrested for a  criminal mischief on the Bottom Hill Road in Farmington Township Sunday evening. Authorities claim the suspect who  had previously been given official written notice not to trespass on the property belonging go a 56 year old Lawrenceville man.The suspect whose name was not released allegedly   drove his vehicle onto the property tearing up the grass to the tune of $100..